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Jessica L. Penwell

Is this a good camera to start off with

I am buying a camera off of ebay. This camera will be my very first camera. I looking into college to become a photographer, and I was wondering what was the best kind of camera to buy. I was looking at this one camera. I was wondering if you can tell me if this camrea would be good to buy..The FT QL came out in l966 and Canon made them until l972. This ser. # is 298371. No dings, no dents, nothing bad to report on this beautiful camera. The battery compartment looks fine. The shutter seems to fire correctly and the film advance lever feels right. The lens is clear, with no scratches, and is in excellent condition. I have not used this camera. It appears to be in fine working order. It has a real nice black leather factory soft case (not shown) and a tin lens cap that fits loosely. There is a Hoya 48 UV Filter. Lens is a Canon FL 50mm 1:l.8 529408. This camera was Canon's first TTL metering with the Cds spot meter and the meter works.

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10/17/2002 12:18:45 AM

doug Nelson   Well, if you're getting it cheap, OK. I began with one of these and loved it for years. You can use both the FL and FD series lenses, BUT you must use the big lever on the side to close the lens down as you take a light meter reading. That's only a minor inconvenience.
If you already bought it, consider having it cleaned, lubed, and adjusted (CLA). It's older than you (apparently), and needs some preventive maintenance. The foam seal in the door can deteriorate, as can the foam damper where the mirror tops out. Be aware, also, the the rubber pads on the QL film advance roller can harden and not grip the film properly. This is a tough one to fix, as the parts are scarce.
If you still have a choice, consider the TLb, TX, and, especially, the F-1. After 30 years, I still use my F-1, with FL and FD lenses. Check out my web page and for more on manual cameras. It's so good to see a young person among us neo-Luddites.

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10/17/2002 8:21:23 AM

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