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Teresa A. Burnett
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Sharpness of Image

My image of Moulton Falls Foot Bridge is sharp and vibrant in photoshop, but has softened and colors have muted somewhat when I upload it. Is anyone else having this problem?

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9/8/2018 9:42:51 PM

Ann Varley
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  I thought it was just me! I had to tell myself that somehow the photos muted due to BP's suggested file size and resolution. And they probably do to some extent. I started saving a separate copy of posted images with extra adjustments made for size, sharp and resolution, but decided I wasn't interested in keeping yet another version in yet another file on my already jammed PC. If anyone has any ideas about this issue, I'm all ears (er, eyes!)

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9/9/2018 8:31:28 AM

Harriet Feagin
BetterPhoto Member Since: 10/25/2011
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  I don't have an answer but I have had the same experience. I used to shoot primarily with a 7D and a 17-55 2.8 lens and everything was spot, absolutely, on. I then changed to a 5d mark II and again, everything was great. Then came the cloud and I "upgraded" to a used Mark III and it all changed. I don't know if it is the Adobe cloud or the camera or what, but it all changed. As long as I used CS5 or CS6 and shot with the older cameras it was great. I now have a Mark IV and it is better but not like it used to be. For what it is worth, it seems that my friends who use Lightroom or Adobe Elements on disc, don't seem to have this issue. I think it is all about color profiling but, I really don't know.

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9/13/2018 7:19:59 AM

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