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Zach W. Crawford

Canon ELan 7 w/a Tamron 75-300m; 1:4-5:6

Alright...I take pictures for a local high school on Friday night and my pics aren't coming out good at all. This one guy told me that my appeture or something was too small or too big. My camera just won't take good night action shots for anything. It'll focus on some areas, but not the action. Any tips on what the setting should be on. Any help will be taken with high praise given unto you.
My next game is in 2 days.
Oh yeah, it takes great action shots in the day time.
And a lil' FYI for Internet shoopers:
If you want to buy something off the web, buy it. But let a company tell you that they have something better for a cheaper price because you'll get the wrong lens, like I did.

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10/16/2002 3:26:16 PM

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