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Debbie Kirke

Best film for landscapes

It was recommended to me to use Portra 160VC and Portra 400 VC for my pictures on an upcoming trip to New Zealand and Australia. I will be talking mostly landscape photos. Is this the right film to use?

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10/16/2002 3:18:01 PM

Jeff S. Kennedy   What do you want your landscapes to look like? There are so many films out there and they all have a certain look. Your choice of film depends upon what you want and like. When I shoot landscapes I use slide film (Velvia or Provia 100F). A lot of people like negative film like the ones you mention. Some, including myself, like black & white.

What kind of film do you usually use? Why won't it work for landscapes? A special trip to a foreign land is no time to experiment with a new film you aren't familiar with.

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10/17/2002 12:33:34 AM

Debbie Kirke   I would like to use negative film so I can have prints. I've always used just standard Fuji print film. Since this is a "special occasion" the people who sold me my camera recommended the Portra film.

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10/17/2002 9:52:10 AM

Jeff S. Kennedy   If you have time before your trip then buy some Portra and see how you like it. Before you do, though, you might check with your lab and see what kind of paper they print on. Portra prints best on portra paper and I've heard that it doesn't do so well with Fuji paper. If vivid colors are what you're looking for Kodak has a new Portra film that is supposed to have added punch. It is 400UC (Ultra Color). You might try some of that as well. If you don't have time to experiment then I suggest using what you're used to.

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10/17/2002 12:06:38 PM

Debbie Kirke   Thanks so much for your help.

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10/17/2002 12:16:50 PM

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