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Harriet Feagin
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Photographing Iconic Sites

This is not a question but rather a comment. My friend and I have visited Venice three times altogether. The first time was in the middle of May five years ago and was pleasant because the weather was good and the cruise ships had not started letting off passengers. However, out last day was the first day of the passenger onslaught so we knew what to expect. The second time was a year later and was in May. If you got up early and headed for St. Mark's Square you could avoid the tourists and I did just that. This time we decided to go in January, thinking that we would have the place to ourselves....WRONG! Thing is there were hoards of tourists and they were everywhere. The only way I could get any type of shot was over the gondolas since the tourists would not be in the water. The selfie thing was what annoyed me the most. You come half way around the world to take in history, art, culture and what do you do? Take thousands of pics of yourself. I waited almost an hour for a bridge in Burano to clear so I could photograph it. One can only do so much in photoshop with content aware fill.... Seems like these young girls have nothing to do but take photos of themselves and are totally unconcerned about anyone else. I saw some of this at The Grand Canyon but if you are standing on the rim, no one is going to be in the shot. I am just annoyed but also a little afraid that photographing some of the icons of the world is going to be a thing of the past.

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1/18/2017 11:51:45 AM

Gregory LaGrange
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  Welcome to girl world. You know where some of them were from? January in the U.S. is somebody's summer in another part of the world. And it's also winter break for high school and college.
If you want to go out and shoot people pictures in what used to be a place for people to gather, most of what you see isn't people doing anything that would make a good photo, but people going out just to be on their phone.
It even gave me an idea for a couple of videos I'd like to do if I had some video editing software.

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1/23/2017 5:40:05 PM

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