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Llima Orosa

A Sweet Sixteen Panic

My friend has asked me to be THE photographer at her daughter's Sweet Sixteen party next Friday. I'm completely panic striken. I keep telling her that I am not in any way a professional, but she says that she has seen my work and thinks I'll be just fine. She wants me to take pictures of the kids outside and then party shots (her daughter entering the hall, dancing with her father, blah blah blah)

I really would not want to ruin these for her considering the amount of money she has spent on this party so does anyone have any suggestions for me? I have a Canon Rebel 2000 with nothing else. HELP!!!!!!!!!

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10/4/2002 7:09:05 PM

Jeff S. Kennedy   Nothing else but the camera? Not even a lens? How about a flash? Seriously, you need to give us more info. What do you have and what do you want to achieve?

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10/4/2002 8:29:12 PM

Llima Orosa   Well, the camera came with a lens and flash. I didn't know I had to be so specific. I thought cameras came with that already. Forgive me for being so naive. I'm far from a professional, as I had mentioned in my original e-mail.

I'd just like to take some nice pictures and I'm hoping for some suggestions on how to keep from getting those nasty red eyes and how to work with the lighting. I am used to doing my photo "shoots" outdoors so I don't really know what to do once it all moves indoors.

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10/5/2002 1:56:36 PM

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