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Jana Belcher

scratched prints

When I get my prints developed, many of they have scratches across the top. I have tried different film and various cameras. I have also had my prints developed at different places. Other peoples prints have the same problem. Where is a good lab to send off for prints? I have tried WalMart and Safeway. The only local lab in town likes to tweek the color.

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9/27/2002 10:00:20 PM

Mike None of your business   you can tell them to -not- adust the colors...make sure they write it down in the "instructions" place on teh envelope. If there's a wedding photographer in town, ask them where they get their's developed 'cause their bread and butter rely on developing their negs at a place that does good work.

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5/26/2003 7:39:28 AM

Renee    I had a simlilar situation a few weeks ago. The processor at Walmart told me that this was caused by a piece of dust inside my camera, and if I brought it in, they would blow it out for me. I would check with your local camera store and make sure this is safe for your camera before proceeding.

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1/21/2004 2:25:01 PM

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