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seetharam ramaswamy

suitable lens for bird photography

i have nikon n60 with 28-80mmlens af.

i bought one af 70-300mm lens g type.iam not happy about the lens are not clear.not very fast.suggest suitable lens for bird photography.

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9/23/2002 11:02:06 AM

Jon Close
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/18/2000
  Birds are small and don't generally let you get to close to them (unless pigeons or ducks that are regularly fed by humans). 300mm is absolute minimum and professional bird photographers use very large and expensive 300 or 400 f/2.8 and 600 f/4 lenses with teleconverters.

Your 70-300 lens has a maximum aperture of only f/5.6, so to get non-blurry images you need use a tripod to eliminate camera-shake, and fast film (400 or 800) to get shutter speeds that will freeze the bird's movement. Your relatively inexpensive lens will produce sharper pictures at f/8 or f/11 than wide open at f/5.6 (another reason to shoot faster film).

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9/25/2002 6:25:26 PM

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