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Linda Bauer

a simple economical way to get started in portrait

Hello! Please tell me what to do from here to start a simple, yet effective studio in my home for Mothers with their babies (portraits). I have a portfolio together, but am running out of money, and need to know about what I will need to get started. I have a Nikon-N80. I don't have any other lenses, or filters except a polarizing. I only have the built-in flash! I do not have any lighting, except home lighting, torcheire lamp that shoots light out the top. Pleas help me with some initial equipment that could produce great soft effects, ect. Also what color film would work best to make sure the whites are very white in the final picture and colors would be good. I plan to get a simple prop set-up with soft fabric to drape around the subjects. Thankyou very much!!!

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9/7/2002 8:14:10 AM

Jeff S. Kennedy   Linda, I don't mean to sound harsh but I think you owe it to your prospective clients to take the time to educate yourself about photography. Judging from the questions you've asked I get the impression you don't understand some basic concepts like exposure for example. Also, you say you own an N80 but don't say what lens you do have. I can suggest you use Kodak Portra film (160NC or 400VC) but other than that the equipment you use is really a matter of your style and what you want to achieve.

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9/8/2002 2:35:20 AM

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