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Mary Jo Kearns

What B & W film to use for outdoor wedding shot ?

I am going to be doing a wedding Nov.2, and she wants B & W taken in the cemetary behind the church. She will be wearing a antique type gown with long flowing arms, and all white. My question is, being it could be snow all around, what are my film choices? Film with snow, film without snow.
Also I don't understand pushing film, My camera is a Minolta MAXUMM 500si Auto & manual. How do you push your film? I am so glad I have plenty of time to practice before this wedding. I am still learning all the termonoligy of photography. I am excited about doing this job because this can have so much character in these photos, I never had a cemetery wedding shot and I want to be very creative with style. I will probably shoot extra to do her choices, and to do my ideas for my own portfolio. Any sugesstions or ideas on style would be helpful to.
Thank You!

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8/26/2002 8:32:45 AM

Danea Burleson
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/30/2002
  Hi, I am still a new photographer but I have been using a lot of B&W film. I have never pushed film so I'm not much help there, but in my opinion, I love Ilford XP2 super 400 B&W film. It has a very fine grain like a 100 film. I have also used Kodak but still prefer the Ilford, it seems to show more detail. I notice a big difference in the detail of eyes, in close up shots. If I were you I would buy a few different rolls of B&W and play around with each. This will give you a better idea as to which you like the best. As for with snow I'm not sure, but you can alway use some ginny pigs a couple days before to experiment on shots and exposures. Hopefully I was of some help but a long time photographer would be able to give a better response.

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9/8/2002 2:34:08 AM

Mary Jo Kearns   Thank you Danea, I was planning on trying some different films out being I have the time, but was still looking fir opinions on what to try . I appreciate you taking the time to give me some sugestions.
Weddings make me nervouse, and this one is going to be quit different. I love the idea of B&W being done in the cemetary.

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9/8/2002 7:58:58 AM

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