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Wayne Redden

cemetary night shots

I want to take a photo of a concrete angel in a local cemetary. I want to take the shot at night. Street lights throw an erie light on the statue so I believe I will have enough illumination. I have a Nikon N65 with a 28-80 AF lens. I want to use slow speed film for the sake of enlargements without grain. Any advice on camera settings?

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8/12/2002 10:28:14 PM

John A. Lind
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/27/2001
Can't say much about camera settings except it's completely dependent on how much the statue is illumiated by the street light (how close it is) and the film speed you're using. Only one way to find out, and that's to go out there with camera or a hand held light meter, and meter it.

Can say you should do this from tripod with a cable or electronic shutter release. Unless you have incredibly bright streetlights that drive astronomers crazy (from the atmospheric light pollution), you will be working with long shutter speeds.

Whatever film you choose, read the film's data sheet for reciprocity failure information, and the increased exposure requirements (if any) that are necessary with long exposure times.

Modern streetlights are not daylight and they're not tungsten. Nearly all I've seen are now sodium vapor lamps. If you use daylight color film, there will be a color imbalance. This isn't necessarily a Bad Thing if it produces a desirable color cast to your photograph. It could help with the eerie effects you're looking for. Just recognize the light source imbalance with film type.

-- John

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8/13/2002 12:36:24 AM

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