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Kelly Baker

HELP! Any way to do this? (Business question)

First...let me say that I am trying to do the right thing! I am in school now for photography......

I have a few friends who are interested in me doing their portraits of their families in their home near Christmas.

I also have a magazine that may be interested in a photo taken in the State I live in -Virginia.

I want to do the right thing and get my business license so I can do things the legal way.

I called the county and you do not need a business license in m COUNTY! They only need to check the zoning where your business will be.

Even if I do strickly freelance work, they consider it a home-based business.......(I am going to use a cell phone and email-online-- and a post office no one will be coming in and out--etc!)

I live on a MAIN street and have many neigborhood businesses here.

Well, I can't do it. I am restricted and there isnt anyone I can go to to listen and maybe change the zoning--that's it! I protested...but neighbor lady watches like 10 kids and puts out a sign and she has no FOOT! They tell me she was probably grandfathered in as well as all these other businesses along my street. I can get neighbors approval, and am not bothering anyone here.

My husband lost his job after transferring here and things are really hard......and many people may see this photo and want to come to this place in VIRGINIA. ( He brought paper work home to do!)

Is there anything---within costs---that I can do so that I can sell a photo to a magazine or card use--etc!

Thanks for reading.....I am just trying my best for my family. I can not afford to go somewhere...but have thought of like a vendor craft type thing-----as I may also sell some of these "VIRGINIA" photos in a gallery type thing!

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7/29/2002 9:41:17 AM

Jeff S. Kennedy   I'm not a lawyer and know nothing about the laws of Virginia. But it seems to me that if your neighbors have no objections then likely there will be no one who would raise a stink about you running your business out of your home. A photography business is not typically a high traffic one. Unless you have a bunch of nazis running your city/county governments I think you are worrying about nothing.

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7/30/2002 12:40:57 PM

Kelly Baker   Thanks Jeff for the response. As I have said I just want to do the right thing. I am thinking I will not do any paper work at my I usually am at the library or Post Office in someones home. I just want to do the right thing. I think they would have a tough case...and I definitely CANNOT have ANYONe in my home---as our road floods 20% of the time......we have a free lake--heehee.....


Kelly :)

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7/30/2002 1:04:31 PM

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