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Thomas A. Kazecki

How to shoot a black and white headshot?

I have a Canon Rebel G, and I'm wondering how to take a black and white photo. I'm very new to photography. Is there more then one way to do it? What's the easiest, etc.
Thank you very much.

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7/27/2002 3:05:14 AM

Jeff S. Kennedy   I'm not sure I understand what your question is. If I take you literally it sounds like you are asking how to make a b&w image. The easiest way is to use b&w film. Another option is shooting color film and having it printed on b&w paper. Yet another way is to shoot b&w film, have it scanned, and then remove the color in Photoshop.

How this relates to headshots, I'm not sure. If you are looking for advice on how to shoot headshots I would say use a moderate to long telephoto lens (85mm-200mm). Find open shade or any other soft even lighting and go for it. Always focus on the nearest eye to you.

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7/27/2002 12:54:45 PM

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