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Linda Bauer

FilmTo Use For Day and Night Shots of Balloons

Hello ! I love this web site... have learned soooo much! My question is this:

I have a Nikon N-80 and I want to take hot air balloon shots in the day (up in air) and at night when they light them up as lanterns. What film should I use for best color and contrast, and can I use one type for the night and day if I set camera on auto? Or would you recommend manual settings?

Linda Bauer
P.S. Please respond asap... the event is this weekend. Thanks so much!

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7/11/2002 1:10:39 PM

Tom Darmody   Linda-

My recommendation would be to use a slow speed film for the daylight photographs. Fuji Relea 100asa and Agfa Optima II 100asa are both excellent color print films that will give you rich saturated color in bright light. With a good negative you'll be able to get decent enlargements with minimal grain.

As for night, you can use both the films I mentioned above using a long exposeure (with a tripod & cable release). If you want a faster film try Fuji Superia 400asa or FugiPress 400, and more than likely you will also need a tripod and release. I would not recommend using anything faster than 400asa. Once you get above 400 your start to have noticible grain on even smaller prints.

If you want phenominal saturation and big enlargements use slide film. Fuji Velvia for daytime and Kodak Elite Chrome 100 for night. (You can get away with using the Velvia during dusk/sunset with great results.)

You can just leave the camera on auto and make sure to bracket (you can set your N80 to auto bracket).

Your lens is also going to be a big factor in contrast and sharpness.


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7/11/2002 5:11:36 PM

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