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cleret G. fernandes

F80 Nikon slide photography

I have a Nikon f80. Can I use it for slide photography or can I use slides. and what are transperancies? is it related for the same above inquiry?.
Thanks- C.fernandes

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7/10/2002 10:40:04 AM

Jeff S. Kennedy   The camera model has nothing to do with the type of film you can use in it (except I think you can only use b&w in Leicas - kidding). The limiting factor is film size. 35mm cameras (like the F80) take just about any kind of film (as long as it's 35mm). Medium format film is not as diverse. For example, you can get Kodachrome for 35mm but not for medium format. The only exception to this for 35mm is infra red film. Some camera models will fog IR film. Other than that, any model will accept slide, negative, color, or b&w.

A trasparency is a slide. Slides are also referred to as positives and chromes.

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7/10/2002 12:57:55 PM

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