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James B. Susick

Info on Nikon F3 body...


I am just getting started in photography. I have read a lot on what camera body to learn with but havent heard much on picking up a used Nikon F3 or a Canon A1. Could all you experenced give me some info on these two.

My goals are becoming a freelance conflict/war photojournalist some day. For now I would like to focus on everyday people, being artistic with natural expressions while I learn.

I thank you ahead of time for your knowledge.


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7/7/2002 12:58:45 AM

doug Nelson   How 'bout an F-1 (newer version) with the AE finder? You'd then have a super-tough pro camera with aperture priority
exposure (you decide how much depth-of-field you need, and the camera sets the shutter). Flash sync was 1/90. My only gripe is no apparent mirror lock-up for long exposures on a tripod. Army and Navy photogs used the F-1 for a long time.

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7/7/2002 10:37:51 AM

James B. Susick   Hey Doug Thanks for the reply! I will look into this version ASAP.


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7/7/2002 12:23:38 PM

John A. Lind
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/27/2001

Other hardy cameras to consider that are similar in features to the Canon F-1:
Nikon FE or FE2
Olympus OM-2 or OM-2n

The Nikon FE and FE2 are lighter weight than the F3 and sell for much less, but are still very well made. No longer in production, they're the electronic shutter version of the FM2 and FM2n with an aperture priority auto-exposure mode in addition to completely manual exposure control. The Nikon Nikkor AIS, Canon FD and Olympus Zuiko lens systems are all excellent.

Do a search (using Google) for manual focus Canon, Nikon and Olympus user groups. There are web sites associated with all these user groups that have a wealth of information about these camera bodies, their lenses and other accessories that were made for them. When you encounter a "user group" expect the particular cameras they support to be considered the greatest thing since sliced bread. :-)

-- John

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7/8/2002 12:58:56 AM

James B. Susick   Thanks John. I am looking to make a quality choice when I buy my first used body. Your info will help a good deal.

Again thanks!


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7/8/2002 5:32:38 PM

John A. Lind
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/27/2001
While a good, sturdy, reliable body is important, the lenses you put on it are even more important. The glass in the lens is what light passes through to get to the film. Do similar research on them and go in the direction of making similar quality choices about your lenses too. In general, the lenses made by the camera body manufacturer are the better ones. There are some good "aftermarket" lenses, but there are a lot of "dogs" among them too.

-- John

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7/9/2002 10:47:02 PM

James B. Susick   Yea I read a lot on quality lenses. John, I will more then likly go with new Nikon (if I buy nikon body) or Canon (if Canon body) lenses. This is why I would like to make a good buy ($300-$400) on a used pro body. This way I can afford to pay more in the lense dept.

Thank again friend.


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7/9/2002 11:49:39 PM

Mohammad Shabbir Gill   Hi James:

I have F3 in the past and to read about this gear contact a mylashian site a great work done on Nikon old gears. It is wonderful body of eighties and discontinued after running twenty years parts problem will be there. Best wishes for F3

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10/7/2004 8:25:05 PM

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