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I'm looking for a budget priced dedicated third-party TTL-metering compatible flash for my EOS 3000/88 (A-TTL only) with feature like Tilt, with or without Swivel head.
In my consideration list is Vivitar 730AF. Any others that compatible like Sunpak and etc ?
Does Vivitar flashes like 283 and 285 (not dedicated and not supporting TTL) able to produce good flash result for TTL/A-TTL camera ?
Thanks in advance.

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7/2/2002 5:46:39 AM

John A. Lind
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/27/2001
Re: Vivitar 283 and 285HV

Yes, if you take manual control of exposure settings on the camera. This requires manually setting shutter speed to the camera's X-sync speed, and manually setting lens aperture to the power range selected on the flash based on film speed (when using the "sensor" built into either one in their "auto" mode).

The difference between "TTL" control of a dedicated flash by a camera body and generic "auto" flash is where the sensor that controls flash output is located. The Vivitar 283 and 285 have a built-in one located about halfway between the foot for the hot shoe and the flash tube. Under "TTL" control, the metering in the camera body controls flash output.

The occasions under which a flash's built-in sensor can be "fooled" that TTL control from the camera body would avoid are relatively rare. Usually they're situations in which a very bright, direct light source is present within the angle of view of the flash sensor, but not within the angle of view of the camera lens.

The Sunpak 383 Super is very similar to the Vivitar 283 and 285HV.

Re: Sunpak flashes similar to Vivitar 730AF

Sunpak also has several models that have features similar to the Vivitar 730AF: Auto 444D, 355AF, 433AF, PZ4000AF and PZ5000AF. Compare features among the Sunpak models to see which one matches best.

-- John

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7/4/2002 1:34:30 PM

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