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Dayna Cain
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/9/2010
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Just For Fun, I Would Like To Know

I would like to know what everyone's dream job would be as a photographer. There are so many styles of photography and so many areas that a person could go into. For instance, the photographer who gets paid to just take photo's of the President or maybe a concert photographer or maybe you would like to work for National Geographic, etc. Remember, it's just for fun so there are no wrong answers! lol

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5/12/2014 9:49:13 AM

Monnie Ryan
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/25/2008
  Interesting question, Dayna! If I had my druthers, I'd love to create theme calendars (including the kind that are sold at mall kiosks). Favorite topics might be specific state and national parks, flowers (big surprise there!), boats and even oddball things like rusty metal, abstract shapes and falling-down barns. One thing I NEVER want to photograph professionally, though, is people!

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5/12/2014 10:52:12 AM

Christopher Budny
BetterPhoto Member Since: 10/3/2005
  Hmmm... Assuming in the dream that I would also be skilled enough to be excellent at it, then I think I would enjoy studio photography of beautiful objects -- such as photos you'd find of, say, a vintage Bugatti convertible shown in a glossy museum program or booklet published for a rare vintage-car exhibit... Lots of perfect lighting, controlled reflections in the car's glossy paint, a black background, picking out beautiful chrome details or graceful body lines, etc... or say, exquisite wristwatches for magazine ads. Something that combines my interest in macro/detail, with that kind of very polished, stylized end-result image.
Or of course, Ministry of Icelandic Tourism official photographer -- assuming it comes with all gear I'd ever possibly need, plus endless travel budget to explore the country ;) (And, somehow, the willingness to get up at 3am to chase sunrises in the bitter cold... ;)

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5/12/2014 11:55:07 AM

Dayna Cain
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/9/2010
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  I would love to be a people photographer if I could choose my subjects. I would really love to find a family in my area (Southeast KY) and follow their lives for a year or two and just document the daily routine of living in their world. In fact I already have the family picked out. They live about two miles from me and I pass by their house everyday on my way to and from work. Actually they live in an old abandoned church. Are they what society would call upstanding citizens? Heck no. Do any of them have jobs? Maybe one or two out the entire bunch. They are not clean people, they live dirt poor and look like they would kill you if you looked at them wrong. Are they up to illegal activities? I'm guessing they are but here's why they fascinate me. They play music. On a warm evening they are out on the steps of that old run down church and they play music. I used to go walking in the evenings for exercise and I would go past their place. There they would be, playing guitars, mandolins and fiddles. They are extremely talented musicians and I always wanted to stop and listen but their pit bull dogs had different plans for me and I never got the chance to listen for long. How's that for a dream photography job? haha

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5/12/2014 12:06:57 PM

Dayna Cain
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/9/2010
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  I forgot to mention that this family has no idea I have singled them out for my photo documentary. But seeing as how it's never gonna happen they really don't need to know. lol

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5/12/2014 12:10:56 PM

Carolyn  M. Fletcher
BetterPhoto Member Since: 10/6/2001
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  Wow! Dayna, I love your idea. Bring a female dog to keep the pit bulls occupied, storm the porch and lay it on them...the idea, I mean. Who knows, they might go for it.
For me, I think I'd be more likely to go the way of Monnie. Since I've never shot in anything resembling a studio, I can't even begin to think about what Chris said, although I do love Bob Garas's old froggie shots.

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5/13/2014 3:29:18 AM

Usman M. Bajwa
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/11/2006
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  I would be happy to lug the luggage of Jim Zuckerman on all his photo expeditions.


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5/13/2014 10:49:43 AM

Tammy M. Anderson
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/13/2007
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  For me I love nature and the outdoors and would love to go chasing that rainbow, the last light of a sunset, first light of day and capture that one landscape that everyone would want hanging in their house. Would like to be able to travel, hike and photograph in the back country where few people see or may not want to go. I just need to figure out to get rid of other responsibilities and become rich before I get to old. National Geographic would work nicely. LOL

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5/13/2014 12:36:06 PM

Ken Smith
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/11/2005
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  I would like to organize photo shoots for groups of 10 or less, and do 7-day trips for landscape photography in locales across the US, mostly western US (Oregon, CA, UT, AZ, UT, CO). And Canadian Rockies. But I know that's a lot of work..the insurance, access to locales, logistics, etc. But it would be fun!

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5/13/2014 2:29:49 PM

Gregory LaGrange
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/11/2003
  Freelance. I'd want variety. Some editorial, some ads, some stuff where I can hang around and let things happen. Like Marco Grob, Ernst Haas, or Arthur Meyersoon.
And I'd be making enough money so that when I'm not working I'm riding one of my 15 motorcycles. Or more if I can find a big enough garage.

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5/16/2014 4:50:42 PM

Bob Cammarata
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/17/2003
  These days, I shoot only for me.
My "dream job" revolves around satisfying my own obsession for getting things as good as anyone can possibly get them.
( I guess I'm doomed to die broke.) :(

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5/18/2014 10:33:07 AM

Pat Harry
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/26/2006
  Well, darn. Usman took my job.:) For me, I think a top notch street photographer, really capturing the emotion behind a moment. If that didn't work, then urban decay or possibly a macro photographer of objects (not flowers, probably). I have a studio set up, but portraits terrify me. They aren't as patient as a rusty nail, and are more likely than the nail to not like the results. :)

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5/18/2014 4:57:42 PM

Carlton Ward
BetterPhoto Member Since: 12/13/2005
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Carlton's Gallery Editor's Pick   moultonfalls14 0285 hdra
moultonfalls14 0285 hdra
Bridge at Mouton Falls
© Carlton Ward
Canon EOS 5D Mark ...
It would be fun to travel the world shooting for a living but I also love camping & festivals and spend a great deal of time shooting these events with many of my local friends as well. I dont think I could be totally content doing one job as opposed to several different type jobs. I have a degree and enjoy my work (Telecom) and I dont have to sweat over wrangling up photography business to pay the bills. When I started taking classes at Better Photo, my goal was to learn to take the best photos I can and in that, I am still learning, practicing, experimenting and I love it...... Well, maybe I could shoot high fashion models with a Hasselblad 85mm with someone carrying all my camera gear, lights & do the editing for me. That might be fun. "There are 3 key things for good photography: the camera, lighting and... photoshop" - Tyra Banks Keep it light - Carlton

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5/18/2014 11:44:15 PM

Greg McCroskery
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/27/2003
  I believe I'm have my dream job in photography! :-)
I've been doing photography professionally for about 25 yrs. First on a part time basis, and beginning in 2000 on a full time basis.
I started out doing portrait and wedding photography for quite a few years, but have gradually transitioned to doing primarily 'corporate event' photography. I love doing this kind of photography.
Wedding photography became more and more stressful to me (no one was on time, except me), although I loved working with the clients -- it also involved a lot of post event production work.
Corporate event shooting includes just about all types of photography - portraits (both individual and group), product shots (trade shows), sports (mainly golf and tennis), architectural shooting, social activities, dancing, stage presentations, scenic, and even animal photography. All done in different locations and lighting conditions that challenge my skills as a photographer.
Clients often pay for me to stay at very nice resorts/hotels, and often my contracts require on-site delivery of high resolution Jpeg files -- so there is often little post production work.
In addition, since I have transitioned to using the Olympus/Panasonic Micro Four Thirds System for all of my shooting, I don't get exhausted from hauling around a bunch of large, heavy DSLR equipment!
I would say that I am blessed to have that dream job.

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5/24/2014 6:12:59 AM

Vicki J. Mudd
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/20/2009
  My dream photography job would be to travel around the world taking photos of the beauty around me in the landscapes, people, nature, wildlife, sports, events...okay, pretty much everything, so freelance!

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5/24/2014 9:19:21 PM

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