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Susan Jane Allen
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Best Settings for Night Dragon Dance

  Dragon Dance V
Dragon Dance V
02/24/13, Sanjiang, Guangdong, China. Dragon Dance on the Lantern Festival (last day of Chinese New Year Celebrations). Each dragon approx 500 ft long, looming high and writhing sometimes at great speed through the confined alleyways of the small town with firecrackers exploding on every side was amazingly exciting. Could kick myself for not staying later in the night when the five dragons met up. Only one chance a year!
© Susan Jane Allen
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I'm wondering what approach to take with China's traditional dragon dance at night. I'll put up a pic of last year's where my results were not very successful to give an idea what it is. The interior of the dragon is lit up against the dark night and it is usually writhing and moving forward at a swift pace. I was thinking of trying bulb mode, but not sure at all...

Please suggest!

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2/14/2014 12:19:00 AM

Carlton Ward
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  String Cheese Incident/Hornings Hideout 2012
String Cheese Incident/Hornings Hideout 2012
f/3.5, iso5000, 1/125s, 70mm
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Hi Susan,
I dont know what equipment you have or what the available light will be but I would use a flash. If you have a camera that shoots well at high ISO so you can get fast enough shutter speeds, you may not need it. From the pic you posted, I think a flash would be necessary. I shoot a lot of low light with a full frame camera and f/2.8 IS lenses. If you have an f/1.4 lens, it would be even better. I dont think I would try Bulb mode unless you want blur. Here is one that may be similar to what you will be shooting...

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2/25/2014 3:42:01 PM

Ken Smith
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  Hi Susan, can you check your metadata; just curious your shutter speed, f-stop, and aperture. But as Carlton says…you need faster shutter speed or a flash. If you have a monopod, that might help too, or if you can find a location to brace your camera.

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2/25/2014 6:12:12 PM

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