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Corky J. Dehorty
BetterPhoto Member Since: 12/20/2007

Where to Photograph

I live in Phoenix, which should be a place of endless possibilities to shoot pictures. But where? I went to a park yesterday and wanted to get some tight shots of kids' faces. I asked the parents' permission and they all said no! I was so disappointed. Would love to receive ideas from all of you as to how to steal candid shots of people ... or, for that matter, anything without causing suspicion in this weary world of ours.

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10/16/2013 10:34:16 AM

Linda Eodice
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  Hi Corky,

Your Exposure teacher here! Do you have any friends, or friends of friends who have children you can photograph? This may be your best bet.

It's a real shame that the parents in the park said no to your photography. At least you asked! If you ever see someone you want to take pictures of again, I would still ask, and offer a digital image to them in return.

As for shooting candids, I know that a lot of people do what's called "street photography" with a long lens. The subjects aren't aware that they're being photographed in most cases. However, I would still try to get permission when photographing children.

The areas surrounding Phoenix offer a lot of scenic photography possibilities, such as the San Francisco peaks, Sedona, and areas around Flagstaff. I just read in one of my latest issues of "Arizona Highways" about Hart Prairie, just outside of Flagstaff, which has great fall color.

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10/16/2013 10:57:32 AM

Carlton Ward
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Hello Corky, I spend a great deal of my summer shooting festivals along the left coast and what separates me from other festival photographers are my candid and people shots. Most photographers will shoot 50 pics of the guitar player and a few of their friends. I roam around the festival and find little stories that are happening all around me. There are kids getting their faces painted or chasing bubbles, couples snuggling in the grass and a colorful bunch of costumed music lovers. I have been doing this for years and many people know me but for those that dont, I will look at the parents as I am getting ready to shoot just to get their nod or smile of approval and I rarely am asked to not take a shot. Most of the festivals I attend are bluegrass, jamband type festivals and there are always lots f kids and and parades etc... Take a peek at my galleries here on BP and m,y festival galleries at
Cheers, Carlton

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10/23/2013 5:20:36 AM

Pat Schilling
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I'd suggest the Desert Botanical Garden as a nice place to shoot.
Good luck. Pat

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10/24/2013 12:19:39 PM

Corky J. Dehorty
BetterPhoto Member Since: 12/20/2007
  Thanks Pat, a great idea!

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10/24/2013 2:12:22 PM

Frank Deland   Hop on a double decker tour bus, one with an open top would be great. Take snapshots with a phone or a point and shoot of places you can later go back to.

If you take a candid photo of someone you don't know, smile, show them the image on the LCD, ask if you can take some more. Kids often will ham it up for you, then rush to the camera to see how they look!

Take photos of vendors at farmers' markets. Buy one of their vegetables to help open the door. Print out a photo and return with it the next week as a gift.

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11/3/2013 8:58:33 PM

Frank Deland   Another idea. Return to the park where you saw the kids after 5. You may well find people home from work walking and playing with their pets. Most won't mimd if you take a photo of Fido chasing a ball or frisbee. Share the results. I even had a person offer to pay me to take a photo of here dog playing on a beach.

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11/3/2013 9:04:14 PM

Angela Morgan
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12/3/2013 4:45:06 AM

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