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Luciana Gnone

Camera Store in San Francisco

My name is Luciana and Im one of your students. Im going to US in SF for a week. Would like to find a good camera store to buy some stuffs and also want to find a place that can transform an old Nikon D40 in infrared.

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3/11/2013 4:13:02 PM

Gregory LaGrange
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/11/2003
  Your question made me curious, so I tried Google to see what came up. Now I have never been to San Francisco, however, I know the reputation that a company called Calumet has.
And it turns out, there is a Calumet store in San Francisco. So that is one to look into. It should have plenty of stuff to choose from. But I don't know if they can change your camera to infrared.
Ciao bella, or whatever you're supposed to say.

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3/12/2013 9:21:21 PM

Leslie J. Morris
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/30/2007
  I also agree - visit Calumet, they are VERY nice and helpful there. I wish I knew about the Infrared. Have a safe and fun trip!

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3/16/2013 3:51:12 PM

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