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Jenni Corbett

What price per print/ Canvas

How do you work out what to charge for each print or canvas for sale? I am just strating out and finding it difficult to price my own work. Jenni

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10/21/2012 7:28:55 PM

Lynn R. Powers   Jennifer you leave us in a lurch here. We have no idea of the kind or quality of your photos because you have not posted anything in your gallery to know if you should start to sell or not. Nor do we know if you are using a P&S or a Nikon D4, Canon 1DX or something in between and use them as if you were born with any of them with one in your hand.

Also we are left unaware if you are doing formal portraits, Senior "posed candid", scenic, photo art, weddings or any other number of types.

Have you defined a market?

Where do you live? I live 90 miles from Seattle. If I lived in Seattle I could go up to 50% more on my prices. In a store on Rodeo Drive or on Park Avenue I could increase my prices 200-300%. IMO they are not worth that kind of money but there people brag about how much they paid. The more they pay the more they brag, the more customers you get.

With canvas prints I doubt that you are doing them yourself and have to send them to a lab. They will also mount them as in a Photo wrap, stand off or on an artist canvas stretching frame. Charge a minimum of your costs and add 30%. Don't forget that your time in a local shop is part of your expenses. Any framing is best left to the purchaser but if you do it or have a shop do it add the 30% onto that also.

For starters check and see what local photographers are charging. Omit the highest prices and the lowest prices and go somewhere in between depending on the quality of your work.

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10/22/2012 11:49:58 AM

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