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Tom R. Fleeman

Nikon D800

Hi everyone it has been a while. I have a question. I just purchased a Nikon D800. WHAT A CAMERA!!. My question is this, has anyone shot any sports photos with this camera yet. If so please let me know how it went as this camera is only 4fps. Thanks Tom

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10/5/2012 6:25:35 AM

Lynn R. Powers   I have shot sports with a film camera that didn't have a motor drive or fast autofocusing so it should be easier than that. Using my 40D Canon I find that I have more keepers shooting at the slower rate, 3 or 4 FPS, then going top speed on it which is about 8 or 10 FPS. I also have a lot less editing to do.

The best thing with any camera is to try and plan your shots and you can only do that by knowing the sport and anticipating the action. Also an excellent telephoto with a large f stop helps. You will want to shoot at a high shutter speed to stop action. However with auto racing use something like 1/250" at the most and pan with the action. The wheels have to look like they are moving otherwise it will look as if the cars, mortocycles, bicycles are in a parking lot resting.

For field sports do not expect anything great if you can only sit in the stands. So try to get on the sidelines or at least the first couple rows of the stands.

I saw some fine night baseball game photos taken with a Nikon Dx2 so you should have no problem with the D800.

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10/7/2012 4:56:06 PM

Tom R. Fleeman   Hi, Lynn thanks for the reply. I shoot mostely high school sports, football at the moment. My son played a few years back and I know all the coaches and the AD so I have access to the field.I agree with the editing, it gets old after awhile. I am getting better this year not taking as many shots and also deleting the ones I will never use right away.I also have a D7000 to go with my new D800. It shoots at about 6 fps and that was one of the reasons I bought it, as I was looking for more Fps.Thanks for the advice on motor sports I didn't know that, will come in handy when I do that.I bought the new D800 because it was time to move onto a full frame camera, I really wanted a D700 but couldn't find one I wanted. This new D800 is really an amazing camera and I think I will really improve my photography a lot using it. I am getting ready to start doing portarit photography and it will really make my portraits look fantastic. Thanks again Tom.

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10/8/2012 7:25:30 AM

Thom Schoeller
BetterPhoto Member Since: 12/4/2006
  Hi Tom.. It's been some time since I have come aboard the Q&A and happened to notice your post about the D800 from a few weeks ago. I'm wondering how/if you made out shooting sports action with such a slow fps rate.

The camera body is definitely not the first choice for sports action photography especially with all that resolution. 36.3 mp will show every mistake. The crop factor of the D7000 also lends itself nicely for matching up with a tele lens for this type of photography.

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11/18/2012 11:58:57 AM

Tom R. Fleeman   Hi Thomas, I shot my first football game a week ago. This is a camera that you have to know your sport really well so you can shoot at the right time. Four fps is ok though. I did get some really nice catches even with the slow fps. The one thing with this camera is you have to be right on with the focus, there is little room for error. With that said this camera is AWESOME! The more I use it the better my photos have been. What I am going to do at our game Saturday ( we made the state finals in 6A football in Kansas Go Vikings) Is have my D800 with 80-400mm on my monopod and have my D7000 with 17-35mm wide angle for sideline shots around my neck. Maybe someday if I make some money with my portrait business I will use the D800 for that and purchase a D4 for my sports photos. And I do still love my D7000 it has been a joy to shoot with. Thanks Tom.

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11/20/2012 6:47:36 AM

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