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Marie Ekstr
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/10/2012

Recommended courses for the Master Training?

Hi! I'm attending the Master Photographer Training program and has just started with the 8 week "Mastering the Digital Camera and Photography" with Peter K Burian. I'm just wondering if you could give me some advice in which courses that would be the best to continue with after this one? I would like to cover all the topics that I need for the final test off course.

Thank you.

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8/13/2012 8:14:02 AM

Kerry Drager
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  Hi Marie,
It's really great that you have begun the Master Training program!

Peter's course is an excellent one to kick off things.

I'm the Course Advisor, and I'll send you an email so we can discuss some suggested courses to continue your studies.



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8/14/2012 1:27:20 AM

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