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Sigma Flash compatibility with EOS 300

I have an EOS300 Camera and an EF-500ST flash from Sigma. Together they work! Then I bought a system so I can remove the flash from my camera and put it elsewhere (the system consist of a little part being connected to the camera, from this one there is a 3 m long cable going to another little part being connected to my flash. I m myself laughing at this description but I just don't know the english word :o) Well, with this system, my flash is NOT working. I made the test to use my camera with a Canon flash and it works, proving that my synchronizing system is not damage. Is there a logic in all this? Is it possible that a Sigma flash is working while being connected directly to the camera and that it is not when using a synchronizing system?

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6/16/2002 5:15:43 PM

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