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Kathleen K. Parker
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/30/2000

Insurance and Contracts

What kind of insurance do you have when you have a small out of home photo business. What is the best to get? And do you always use a contract even if it is a short little event of an hour?

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7/2/2012 10:52:22 AM

Thom Schoeller
BetterPhoto Member Since: 12/4/2006
  Hi Kathleen

Assuming your doing some portraits and such from home (sounds like it)

I happened to inquire about a situation like this with our homeowners agent. Recommondation was just to be sure we had enough liability to cover any kind of freakish trip or fall. The policy also came in handy to cover un-insured/under insured motorist if some teenager texting & driving were to hit us and only had state minimum insurance. We covered 2 potential issues at a minimal cost!

The agent brought up a few scenarios as to why we should not be "overly" concerned....Example: selling a car or any household item. No special insurance is required for any visitors coming to purchase a car or car parts. Homeowners liability is blanket coverage.

If you ran a full time studio from home, and made all your income from the business you may need coverage more specific.

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7/3/2012 1:53:54 PM

Kathleen K. Parker
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/30/2000
  Thanks very much, Thomas. I run my business from home, but I do not shoot at home. My State Farm guy told me that my regular home insurance would not cover damage or destruction of my cameras and other related equipment. I shoot events at a lot of places and in the French Quarter...on the streets- destination weddings. I can be covered for personal liability... so if on my watch something gets broken by me or if someone gets hurt, I would be covered. What is not covered is personal indemnity insurance, an insurance that protects you from lawsuits from unhappy or the extreme the extreme I mean someone with an agenda to make money from you by hiring and then suing you for "bad work," He said it is very expensive. I also read where photographers who do a lot of weddings might take a look at "wedding insurance." I don't do any of that long stuff anymore. For about $333 a year, my cameras and liability are covered with SF. I wonder if it is worth it. My concern is this economy and already agitated people about money... I have never had a dissatisfied client, or if they were they did not tell me, and hope I never do, but it can happen, and I want to be covered however I can. My insurance guy said these days people twist ankles and slide on the floor in the grocery to sue the owners. So I am not sure what to do.... I do need to cover my business equipment for sure and maybe my car on its way to and from an event. Will talk to hiim again this week. Thanks for answering my question, Thomas. I really appreciate it. Kathleen KK

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7/3/2012 3:54:53 PM

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