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Jana Belcher

What to Do with Obsolete Film and Equipment?

What do we do with our film cameras and equipment once film is no longer available? How much longer will film and film processing be available?

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10/5/2011 12:05:16 PM

Lynn R. Powers   Film is available, but perhaps not the same ones you were using before. Kodak still has Tri-X, as well as Panatomic X, Kodacolor and Ecktachrome. Ilford also has several B&W films, and Fuji has some color negative films and perhaps B&W films.

You can order film from B&H or check some local camera stores. Walgreens and Rite Aid can process them and make prints for a reasonable price.

Google "photo labs"/your area to find places. Many of these not only process film and scan the negatives for you but will also make enlargements.

I do my own B&W processing but for color negatives I use a local lab.

As for the equipment, it is worth almost nothing unless you have a good-condition Rollie or Hasselblad. With my old broken cameras, I use them as "Objects de art" LOL and have them sitting on by bookcases. I use my old flashes on a Bronica SQ-A.

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10/5/2011 8:44:29 PM

Valerie Y. Martin
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/18/2007

While I don't know what (or if) their timeline is for transitioning to solely doing digital processing, you can still order film and send it in for processing from York Photo (

You should also be aware that most camera labs digitize the negative before printing it with lasers on silver halide paper.



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10/11/2011 8:41:43 AM

Robert  Sanford   Many local high schools have photography programs that keep students in school who might not otherwise remain there.

Most of these programs start their students out on film, shooting and developing B&W.

Donating equipment to those programs ensures the next generation of photographers, who we all hope will outshine us all.

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10/11/2011 10:44:43 AM

Christopher A. Walrath
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/25/2006
  Donate it to me. Better yet, come on down to Delaware and I'll show you what you're missing and you just might decide to keep at it. Film is more than alive and well. It is better than ever. And bigger is better. You don't know film until you have focused an image on a ground glass and processed a REALLY big negative.

Go film!

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1/9/2014 7:38:36 PM

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