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SimplyMaura  . 

deluxe to pro upgrade

Paid for an upgrade from deluxe to pro yesterday...yet have received nothing from betterphoto... I was REALLY hoping to do all of the leg work today on my only day off of work...

Does anyone have a clue? when I sent a "help" email... I got the robot reply...thanks for your email...we should reply within a week... ugh!

thanks... :) have a nice day!! :)

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7/24/2011 1:27:29 PM

Christopher Budny
BetterPhoto Member Since: 10/3/2005
  My experience has been the gallery purchases take about 2 business days or so. I would imagine weekends don't see a lot of progress setting up a new upgrade. My guess would be you'd see something later tonite (Mon), or tomorrow.

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7/25/2011 10:06:00 AM

Melody Hauf
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/27/2001
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  Yes, the websites, upgrades, and sometimes the Basic galleries can take 2 business days to process, but we try our best to get everything pushed through as quickly as possible on the Monday following the weekend orders.
The automatic email response is just to let you know that we are not necessarily staffed for the weekend so replies will probably come on the following Monday.
Hope that helps!

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7/25/2011 2:37:07 PM

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