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built in and off camera flash

I purchased a Minolta ST/SI Maxxum QD 35mm SLR camera. What would you suggest. Is it possible to live with my built in flash or do I need a flash that I can attach. I know that I cannot get much distance with the built in flash unless I have a very fast film. What do you suggest?

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6/5/2002 7:13:38 PM

doug Nelson   Howard, for both you and Bonnie, it depends on what you want the flash to do. For an occasional shot of the dog doing something cute,the built-in flash will work.
When the flash is too close to the lens, eyes will come out red. The lens might, in some situations, get in the way of the flash and cause a shadow.
Both Minolta and Canon make excellent dedicated flashes, some with a bracket that offsets and raises the flash, thus preventing these problems. Be willing to part with a coupla hundred, though.

Or try the old pro standby, the Vivitar 283, which sells for less than $75 new. Connect it to your camera with a PC cord, and mount it on a bracket. Should you upgrade to a pro camera later, the Canon, Minolta, or Vivitar will be fine for any serious photography requiring flash, such as weddings.

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6/6/2002 8:46:06 AM

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