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Audrey Bonter
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Is Laminating a good way to preserve precious photos?

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12/14/2010 2:24:45 PM

Carlton Ward
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  Hi Audrey,
No, it is very destructive. I create & laminate backstage passes for bands, tours & festivals and though the laminate will last a long time, they get dirty and there is no way to safely take the images back out of the melted plastic without destroying the image inside.
I would use a file cabinet in a dark cool place. Since there are many types of media (film, slides, prints) that used chemicals & papers for processing and the inks/dyes that are used for the prints themselves, I would stick to the dark/cool scenario.

The best and proper way to store color photographs is in a dry, dark chamber and the temperature should be below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Although the sun and itís Ultra-Violet rays are most harmful to the preservation of color photographs, heat and humidity will accelerate the deterioration of the dyes. Not only is the sun and itís Ultra-Violet rays very harmful, so is regular fluorescent lighting. In fact, the only types of illumination that is recommended for viewing color prints is standard tungsten illumination. However, this too must be kept at a low light level to preserve the color photographs.
I dont keep mine in sub-zero temps but they are kept in dark/cool places (basement) inside protective boxes.
I used a fireproof cabinet for years but eventually had to let it go as I continually moved and it became too much to haul around but I will get another one if I ever settle in 1 place :)
my .02,

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12/16/2010 10:46:19 PM

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