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Eric S. Rundle
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/27/2008

Sub Categories

How do I create a sub categories in my gallery. Like I have a Wildlife Gallery and I want to break this down into spices like birds mammals reptiles Etcetera,. I see other sites with sub categories but cannot figure this out can someone help me pleas
Thanks; Eric Rundle

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11/30/2010 7:24:15 PM

Christopher Budny
BetterPhoto Member Since: 10/3/2005
  I haven't tried it myself yet, but I believe what you are talking about is Parent & Child categories. Right now you just have categories. You'd need to create additional categories (for each bird species, instead of your "Wildlife" category.) THEN, create a Parent Category called Wildlife, and put all your child categories (the bird species) into that... In your Admin Center, check out the link under "Photos" tab, for "Advanced: Parent Categories" and be sure you click the button to show the Help Text associated with this feature.

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12/3/2010 2:24:20 PM

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