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Richard Jackson
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/8/2000

LCD Screen Playback

Hi BP members.... I have been shooting digital for a while now, and I own two Nikons; a D300 and a D80. I recently bought a D90 because I'm selling the D80. Ok, what I need to know is if anyone who owns a Nikon D90 has any problem with the image on the LCD payback being TOO LIGHT?? The images once on the computer even appear a little light also. I can adjust the exsposure compensation to make the final image much better, but the LCD still is not as vivid as even my D80.. ANY ANSWERS out there for me. Thanks!!

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10/26/2010 2:42:37 PM

Peter K. Burian
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/8/2004
  Your Menu provides an option for LCD Brightness, Richard. Make sure it's set at the default normal level.

If you are *sure* the dispay is too bright, then set that Menu item down by -1 step so the display is not as bright.


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10/27/2010 4:48:06 PM

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