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Photography Question 
Steve M. Harrington
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 1/28/2005

BP uploads

Lately I have noticed that the color and/or saturation of uploads is different from the way it looks on my computer. I use the Alternate Image Uploader for tiffs sized at 800 on the long side.
This has been occurring for a couple of months and varies depending upon the image. The same image uploaded to Facebook is as I see it on my computer.

10/20/2010 12:08:23 AM

Bojan Bencic
BetterPhoto Member
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member since: 5/29/2005

BP is very secretive about the process (can't figure out why...).
When I open your photo (or any photo on BP) in a browser, I am looking at a jpeg image.
For example - your Milky Way is named 1010242238061_dsc1360_[1].jpg, 800x531 (16M color), size 196 kB.
Clearly there is some conversion (and compression) going on in the BP process.
Not sure how to avoid this. Try converting to jpeg (800 px max) with some (?) compression, upload and compare the results.

It would be nice if BP (nudge, nudge) would finally post some correct instructions on posting photos.

Hope this helps,



10/25/2010 3:06:22 AM

Irene Colling
BetterPhoto Member
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member since: 1/11/2008
  I agree with Steve. When I upload to BP the photo has a loss in color and quality.

When I post the exact same photo on my Zenfolio site the image looks as good as the original on my hard drive does.

10/25/2010 5:25:53 AM

Steve M. Harrington
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 1/28/2005
  Thank you for your responses. I just did a test on the image you referred to, Bojan. All methods yield the same color shift: red/blue in the center of the image shifts toward green.
I uploaded four versions all sized at 800x531 with the Alternate Image Uploader: a tiff 1.02 MB, a jpeg max 639 kB, a Save for Web 223 kB, and a jpeg level 9 200 kB. All look identical to my eye.
I did discover that Save for Web in CS4 produces the same color shift as BP on my computer.
Yes, it would be more than nice if BP were to clarify such a fundamental issue.

10/25/2010 12:33:08 PM

Steve M. Harrington
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 1/28/2005
  I should add that all the images were sRGB.

10/25/2010 12:59:25 PM


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