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carol e. rader

ever heard of this company?

Has anyone had any experience with Everyscape? they do webscapes and are looking for photographers to take panoramic photos. they pay based on the images that are uploaded to them. Im wondering if it would be worth the investment to work for them. or if I could use the fiseye and pan mount for my tripod to also use for real estate photos or something. any thoughts would be appreciated

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7/23/2010 5:31:51 AM

Thom Schoeller
BetterPhoto Member Since: 12/4/2006
  @ Carol R.

Personally I have not. Do they have a website you could post the link to? Would be interesting to see what they have to say for themselves. When you say "investment" Im assuming you mean your time.. I hope, I hope. They are not asking up front for cash?

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7/23/2010 4:29:28 PM

Lynn R. Powers   Hi Carol,

Sorry but I must ask if you read their whole site. They seem to indicate that this is a two person proposition plus you must be able to put a platform on the roof of your vehicle. Perhaps you could use a pickup truck. They were quite specific upon the lenses to be used as well as the mount.
From the way I understand it they give you the assignments but you can try to find busnisess that would be interested and refer them to the company. They also furnish the training and four (4) Canon XS cameras which MAY be the only type of files that they will accept.
The bad news is currently the U.S.A as well as the rest of the world, except China, is in a financial slump. Only the very high end busnisess can afford this work to use on their sites.
The good news is if you start now and manage to have them give you an assignment or two or more, when the economy straightens out you will already have the experience and be one of the first called in your area.
I do recommend caution.


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7/24/2010 6:47:28 AM

Thom Schoeller
BetterPhoto Member Since: 12/4/2006
  That certainly does answer some questions. Furnishing the equipment is a plus, however from my own experiences even a hired photoshoot locally can add up fuel cost. Sounds like this job would require a serious investment in travel expenses.
Definitely approach with caution.

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7/24/2010 7:28:09 AM

carol e. rader   Lynn,
there are actually 2 ways to go with the company. The one you read about is where you buy in.I would be less invested in that, I would only need the tripod mount. I would be doing interior work, so no need fo a vehicle mount. I have looked at the website, and anything else I can find. It seems as though I would be a sub contractor. take the shots, upload to them,they do the web design, I get paid. Sounds easy:) But I dont want to jump into a nightmare. thanks everyone

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7/24/2010 6:55:21 PM

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