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Eileen Patterson

How to remove background from a picture

Can you use a green screen with Adobe products? were do I start - I wanted to do photography in my home and backdrops ,& props cost a lot. I already have some digital back drops. I want to give every one the best. I thought I could take 20 or more pictures and enhancements and put them on a disk and sell the disk for $40.00 or so. I worked for a well known studio for the holidays and I know I can give customers more. It cost $199.99 for a disk with
15 or so poses and enhancements at the studio. I know someone started a home studio with just a sheet and her camera. Could you please give me any information on a low cost home studio Thank you for your time. EILEEN

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1/3/2010 6:35:11 PM

Clayton T. Williams
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/16/2006
  As far as backdrops are concerned, I started with king size bed sheets that worked fairly well, then bought some discounted muslin fabric (you can usually find large pieces at for cheap). get the plain ones and dye them yourself to save on cost, then upgrade as you get experience and money. The other thing is don't be afraid to take your subject outside and use nature as a backdrop. To me green screen backdrops look fake although I have seen some that look ok but that is just my opinion for whatever it is worth.

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1/5/2010 11:43:54 PM

Jeffrey R. Whitmoyer   Eileen, take a look at for a lot of good do it yourself studio ideas. You should also look at Strobist for ideas. You will come away with a ton of ideas for cheap to make studio equipment, backdrops etc. It's tough trying to bootstrap a start up business, but if you learn now to improvise, you will be better off in the end.

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1/6/2010 3:08:56 PM

Clayton T. Williams
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/16/2006
  I totally agree with Jeff. I am in kind of the same boat. I have a home studio and am piecing it together one piece at a time. I took John Sisken's course an introduction to photo lighting and it was a great course on starting out with lights and backdrops and making your own light panels etc. I made a soft box/light panel for a strobe out of pvc pipe and fabric through his course then took that design and just made it bigger while adding a few more structures to make my own backdrop stand. Believe it or not, I made a 8'x8' backdrop stand, got 3 muslin backdrops, and made the lightpanel all for less than $100.

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1/6/2010 7:13:01 PM

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