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Albert Guevara

Film For Wedding: Portra vs. NPH

I will be shooting a wedding and both groom & bride are African American. I would like some input on whether the Portra nc400 or Fuji nph 400 would be the call. Please help !!!

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5/21/2002 10:36:33 AM

Debra Weisheit   Hi Albert,

I'm a wedding & portrait photographer and always use the Porta line of films. When I have a black or dark hispanic bride, groom or both I always use the Porta NC films. My regular film of choice is VC.

The results from my film choices have been very nice and I will continue to switch to NC films when photographing darker skin tones.

Here's a sticky situation for you: I shot a wedding where the bride was black and wore a white gown, the groom was blond haired/blue eyed and wore a black tuxedo. My camera's meters were going ballistic!!! NC film and careful metering handled the situation beautifully!

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5/23/2002 1:05:30 PM

Mark A. Braxton   Dear Albert,
Personally, I'd use the Fuji. African Americans tend to have a bluish or greenish tint to the skin as skin color gets darker. Fuji picks up these colors better than Kodak. Kodak is good for Reds, yellows, and orange.
In 2000, my cousin used NPH 400 film and the pictures came out almost flawless. Although, the brand you are used to shooting with should be the one you stick with. Since they are both professional films neither of them will be bad for the job. Kodak and Fuji aren't battling for number one with one of them sleeping on different color and skin tone variations. Whichever one you shoot with the most you'll be already used to adjusting for certain kinds of and levels of light and color. That's what will help you make the picture more viewable in the end.

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5/27/2002 9:36:41 PM

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