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Lynn R. Powers

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Hang on this may get a little complicated! I have recently purchased a 6X6 film camera and awaiting for my scanner to become available. The Epson v600. I know the v500 gets excellent reviews but want to get the latest version and do not have the need for the v750.

What is the best resolution to scan a negative/slide of that size? Prints will vary between 8X10 to 24X36 and probably some square ones in between.

Which is better for color prints, color negative or transparencies?

For B&W prints which is best?
B&W film with red or yellow filter.
Color Negative scanned for B&W.
Color transparencies scanned for B&W
Doing B&W conversions in Photoshop PSE7 from color scan.

I will be getting the new iMac so I will have plenty of space for large files.

Thanks for any assistance.


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11/7/2009 11:33:56 AM

doug Nelson   I use the Epson V700 to scan 35mm and medium format. For me, a starting point is 2400 ppi. Scan one at 2400 and take a look at Image/Image Size in Photoshop (Elements is, I think, similar). UNcheck Resample; you don't want to throw out any pixels, you're just shuffling them. Enter a commonly used input resolution (300) in the Resolution block. You will see the resulting dimensions calculated for you. If they don't meet your need for this particular image, scan at a higher resolution.

I wouldn't increase contrast by using a filter on the camera end. What you want is the full range of tones your film can deliver. You can mess with the contrast later.

I'd scan in color to give the full tonal range and then convert to BW.

Try Elements' BW conversion function, or completely desaturate the image and see if there's any noticable difference. (We need help here; my knowledge of Elements is not up to snuff.) In conjunction w Elements, you might want to try one of the BW conversion softwares. Also, try out the Channel Mixer function with someone's
full blown Photoshop.

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11/10/2009 11:29:34 AM

Lynn R. Powers   Thank you for your response Doug. The 2400 starting point seems to work out well. It would yeild a print of 16X20 (cropped full length or width) at 240 dpi which is good enough for a photo of that size.
I do use the B&W converter now with my digital images. PSE7 is a lot better than it was on PSE4 for doing this.


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12/4/2009 9:13:21 AM

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