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Aimee C. Eisaman
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/13/2007

Phello Photogs- Week 1 Michael

Hello Phellos! This is week one of our 15 week project. Michael has been chosen for week 1 and has sent out the original to everyones personal email. Edit this as you wish and post it in this thread when you are ready! Can't wait to see all the wonderful ideas! :~)

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5/2/2009 7:00:30 PM

Vicki Snow
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/24/2008
...Sorry Mike...But with this image I practiced my cloning, there sure was alot I cloned, any pipe, rope or debris I could find. Also tried to build a wall in place of the trees and fence.....I see I have much room for improvement...but after 3 hours I had enough....I did a tighter crop even though I liked the grassy area. I wish I could have enhanced the sky a bit but don't know how. Adjusted the contrast and saturation. This is what you get from a beginner

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5/2/2009 8:17:14 PM

Debbie E. Payne
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/21/2006
Took the painterly route, Michael and my steps are in the description below "my" take on the image. This was fun, although it felt a bit like plaigarism.

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5/2/2009 10:43:49 PM

Ellen H. Robertson
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/19/2009
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Whoops I went to the wrong place. Here is what I did. Cloned out the construction stuff. Cropped. Did a high pass at 20.5, linear burn, opacity at 59%.
You all were right This is fun.

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5/3/2009 3:13:48 AM

Aimee C. Eisaman
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/13/2007

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5/3/2009 5:11:08 AM

Christie R. Bielss
BetterPhoto Member Since: 12/23/2007
  Mike's image-edited
Mike's image-edited
Don't have a lot of time this week, so here's my version. Was going for a kind of HDR look. Not sure if I even got in the same stratosphere as the HDR.
© Christie R. Bielss
Nikon D80 Digital ...
I like this idea for posting much better Aimee.

Well, I'm not sure I remember what all I've done to this but I'll give it a go. I cloned out the hooks/lines from the cranes, the barbed wire fencing, and replaced all of the construction fencing and materials by cloning in the grassy areas from the left side of the image. I cloned out some construction debris from around the stones in the front center of the image as well. I increased the saturation and adjusted the hues for the blue sky, I overlayed a high-pass filter on a layer, used a color burn, did a lot of noise reduction-several times, used the Distort-Glow filter, and can't remember what else. I almost cropped, but decided I liked the feel of all the ruins sliding down the hillside - so kept the full image as is. I think I merged the layers and then reduced the image size to save as a .tiff. And that's all this tired, old brain can remember.

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5/3/2009 5:34:42 AM

Dale Hardin
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/12/2006
Michael, this was a perfect image to start this exercise. It was well exposed and a wonderful composition with lot of potential for variation.
The hardest part for me was selecting which version to post because there are so many images here. But in the end I decided to post one that simply enhanced the overall shot but left your original vision intact.

this was my procedure:

1. Adjusted each color level separately. this resulted in a better image due to slight over saturation of the flowers.
2. Cropped the image using a printable 5x7 format and cropped out the crane.
3. Flattened image and cloned out wire, scaffolds etc.
4. duplicated image and then did a selective multiply blend of the sky only.
5. Flattened the image again, duplicated again and applied a complete image multiply blend of 35%
6. Flatten image again
7. duplicate again and apply a high pass overlay high pass filter blend.
8. apply Topaz 'spicify' filter at 50% and the Topaz 'buz' filter at 50%

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5/3/2009 9:01:54 AM

Esther R. Tinz
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/18/2008
Mike - how wonderful for you that you had the opportunity to visit a place like this. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Wanted to be different - so I did the ole' horizontal flip and then cropped and cloned. Duplicated the image and applied the poster edges. Blended with soft light blend at 50% and reduced the noise.

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5/3/2009 12:31:19 PM

Jeanine M. Bailey
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/26/2007
  Bean's Edit
Bean's Edit
I didn't do much...there are still SOOO many things about Photoshop that I have yet to learn!!! These are the steps I did take though!

1. Cloned, cloned, and cloned!! :)
2. Converted to black and white using Bs Vanilla.
3. Used Old Photo fliter at 60%

© Jeanine M. Bailey
Canon EOS 40D Digi...

So, being a teacher, I decided to go history book!! :) The 6th grade curriculm in NY is Ancient History so we see a lot of picutres of ruins and such throughout our text!! I'll post my steps in the description of the image. Thanks Michael for such a FUN shot to start with...I don't get to see places like this first hand so it was fun to work on a photograph of one!! :)

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5/3/2009 5:58:08 PM

Anthony L. Mancuso
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/7/2008
Played around so much can't remember all my steps but I did these things in no particular order

Blended using multiply at 65% and erased over dark areas..

Cloned out modern era stuff..cloned in some bushes here and there

Adjusted overall satruation, slight levels adjustment..replaced sky and cropped..threw on the ol' high pass with overlay at 1.0 pixels

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5/3/2009 9:12:55 PM

Debbra Bailey
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/9/2007
  michael s image bw bp
michael s image bw bp
© Debbra Bailey
Canon EOS 40D Digi...
Deb's Version

Hmm - I played a lot, started to take notes, then forgot! lol I cloned out a ton of things, and cloned IN some things, sharpened with high pass, used the multiplier filter, reduced noise, cropped, played with contrast and saturations, and finally went BW with B's Vanilla Filter!

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5/6/2009 6:31:51 PM

Michael Kelly
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/17/2005
OK here is my interpretation.

Shadow/highlight tool opened shadows 5% and reduced highlights 25%

Levels 0 83 233

Masked ground and clouds and applied #82 filter to sky

Cloned forever

High Pass 2.6 pix hard light at 50%

Applied curves linear contrast preset

reduced vibrancy 10%

Applied noise reduction

Applied Ink Outlines filter stroke length 4
dark intensity 20
light intensity 10

Thanks to all of you for your great interpretations and for the kind words and messages about the picked shot.

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5/8/2009 12:40:02 AM

Dale Hardin
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/12/2006
  Michael thanks for such a great image for this exercise. I love what you've done and I'm glad you left the original composition.

Especially like your work with the details. The extra texture in the foreground large pillar is superb.

I use the high pass a lot but have not tried it with the hard light. Also like the use of ink outlines filter stroke (similar to 'find edges' filter is use quite often)

the idea of the selected color filter to the sky is a very good inovation.

In general is is very enlightening for all of us that are trying to learn new ways of expressing ourselves, to enjoy the step by step processes involved. Thank you for sharing.

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5/8/2009 9:59:16 AM

Sharon Lohrmann
BetterPhoto Member Since: 12/27/2008
  i didn't get a chance to join this week's fun. but I wanted to comment and tell you all what a great job you did.

mike, you picked a great image for this challenge and everyone did such a super job with their versions. I really enjoyed getting a chance to see them all. as dale said above, it really gives you the opportunity to think about the image from a lot of different perspectives.

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5/8/2009 11:19:02 AM

Michael Kelly
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/17/2005
  Thanks Dale and thank you for coming up with this as a club exercise and Aimee for running with it. I actually think it is more fun for the picked person than for all of the rest of you struggling to come up with something. It is so interesting to see the various ways a shot you took and know well can be presented. A real eye opener.

Thank you Sharon for the thoughts and comments. I know that life sometimes gets in the way of our hobbies, but you will get plenty of chances as we go through this fun and I think educational project.

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5/8/2009 11:56:56 AM

Aimee C. Eisaman
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/13/2007
  This just goes to show that we all see things so differently as individuals! And this is why I think photography is so much fun! A wonderful first round of WWYD "What Would You Do?"! Thanks so much Michael for being the first!

And Sharon...don't feel bad I'm gonna miss the next three weeks :~(

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5/8/2009 12:39:39 PM

Jodi M. Walsh
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/7/2007
Okay here's my edit- sorry this is late but I actually lost my edited version (the dog ate my homework?) I saved it somewhere on my computer and then couldn't find it and couldn't remember the name I saved it under.

so that's my story. :-)

for this-

i cropped
adjusted the levels
cloned out the fences
and the applied Topaz

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5/8/2009 4:40:22 PM

Dale Hardin
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/12/2006
  I like it Jodi. A different crop from what we saw from the rest. The composition is well balanced and interesting with an excellent main subject.

Also like your restrained filter adjustment.

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5/8/2009 8:18:57 PM

Susan M. Reynolds
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/4/2007
  Can I still become a part of this project? How do I join the email list?
This looks like fun and a great way to learn Photoshop better...

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5/18/2009 10:26:40 PM

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