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Leslie L. Steinkraus
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/23/2008

How to Shoot Sharper w/Rebel XSI

Hi there, I just recently got a Canon XSI for Xmas and I can't seem to get really good sharp images with it. My newest Lens is an EF28-135mm, it really produces nicely but not my EF S55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS. While out today shooting numerous Eagles in the Lower Klamath,
where they sat regal in trees 100ft away, only a handful a pics, out of 100, turn out crisp. I didn't make use of a tripod because of the terrain. I usually have a steady hand w/Pana-zoom.

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2/7/2009 7:26:53 PM

Carlton Ward
BetterPhoto Member Since: 12/13/2005
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  Hello Leslie,
I am a firm believer in using a tripod and I lug mine with me everywhere, even the 8 mile hikes uphill in the Olympics & Cascades. It just gives you more options & control and more stability in bad terrain. Remember to turn IS "off" on your 55-250mm when using a tripod.
What shutter speed are you using ? Were you manually focusing or using auto ?
My friend in Silverdale, Wa just took a few Eagle pics with his 100-400mm lens w/tripod and they turned out very sharp. I think he was shooting in the 1/125 to 1/250 range for his shutter speed, between f/5.6 to f/7.1 and manually focusing.
Hope this helps, Carlton

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2/8/2009 9:13:31 PM

Leslie L. Steinkraus
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/23/2008
  Carlton, thank you for all the input.
I'm thrilled to hear from You! Especially after reading & seeing
the numerous responses you have contributed. Let alone your own gorgeous gallery of photos...
I shall indeed make a point to use the tripod, as well as looking at speed.
I did attempt both auto/manual focus.
Next week at the Winter-Wings Fest I'll be attending the Canon-workshop, learn more about in/outs,lenses,cameras,etc.
Especially look forward to a special given by a Master of Light, ADAM JONES.
What Lens would I do well to utilize in taking wildlife shots??? I've been researching but to no avail, yet!
Better quality lens obviously make a big difference. Don't want just so-so pics, when there's an such opportunity to capture the beauty surrounding us. You know what I mean?!! Sincerely LLS

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2/9/2009 5:54:21 AM

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