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Tara R. Swartzendruber

Color Temp with Photogenic 1250

Does anyone know the specific color temp of a Photogenic 1250 strobe light? Someone suggested that strobes should say their color temp output in their material, but I can't find any info about this. I still struggle with WB in the studio, having tried auto, flash and daylight. I'm wondering if I set a specific number if that would help. Thanks!

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1/17/2009 8:27:56 AM

Pete H
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/9/2005
Most studio strobes will center around 5,500K or daylight (+-) 200K.
Deviating downward will cause a slight blue shift, upwards, a slight shift to the red.
Neither excursion will give you poor color balance.

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1/17/2009 3:57:03 PM

Carlton Ward
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  Hi Tara,
Just wanted to mention that shooting in Raw will allow you to easily change/correct color balance after the shot with Photoshop ACR or other RAW editing software.

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1/18/2009 10:51:22 AM

Marc D. Bell   Hi Tara,
I'm sure you're metering your lights, correct? When shooting with strobes (my preferrence is Paul C. Buff's: White Lightning) you should adjust your color temperature ("K" Kelvin) and take shots of something with several colors in it. Then shoot a couple of shots with all Kelvin temp. settings and find which setting gives you the results you desire. I would also keep a list of images you shot and which K setting temp. you used to capture the image. It's much better to learn from experience and not simply go into a photo altering program to fix your images. I'm sure you will figure it out. Good luck!

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1/21/2009 5:58:27 AM

W.  Smith VIII
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/5/2009
Ask the horse's mouth: Photogenic.

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1/21/2009 7:17:39 AM

Tara R. Swartzendruber   OK, I hesitate to respond because I think some of you might just roll your eyes at me.... BUT, here goes.
I did ask photogenic. The color temp of my main and fill light are 5800, the temp of my backlights are 5200 (also photogenic). I have the most trouble with light haired people (i.e. my light-brown haired baby shows up more blond). I have tried many ways of adjusting the lights and camera (for exposure), and the way that I generally use them seems to work the best...other settings make my white background more blue or grey. I want it to be white. So I've focused on white balance to see if I can correct things there. But 5800K gives a slight orange cast to the white background (although it exposes the hair correctly), which I can correct somewhat using "levels," but I'd like to get things more correct. I know some of you will say to use a light-meter, but my style of photography just doesn't seem to allow this very well. I take pix of babies/little kids who don't just stay in one place so I can meter them, they move all around and I, too constantly move. I know what settings (exposure)work good when I am close to their face, and when I am futher back, etc.... the biggest problem is that my light-haired kids get "lighter" and sometimes men's/teen guy's faces show up more red than they should (esp. on black background), so I am trying to adjust white balance. I have tried a number of different settings, but nothing seems to work quite right. Anyone who has helpful advice for me on what I am doing right or wrong, I would welcome...

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1/21/2009 7:35:25 AM

W.  Smith VIII
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/5/2009
Get backlights with a color temp of 5800?

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1/21/2009 8:44:48 AM

Tara R. Swartzendruber   any reason not to get my main lights at 5200K?

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1/22/2009 6:42:33 PM

Tara R. Swartzendruber  
f/14, 1/125/studio lights/WB5400K

© Tara R. Swartzendruber
Panasonic Lumix DM...

Ok, in my 2nd call to photogenic I learned that my kit was all corrected to 5400K. SO, since that is not a preset K option, I set my WB to flash which the D80 says is set to 5400K.
This is the option I get....still looks a bit grey/redish. If I change my exposure to get rid of the grey/red, the subject looks washed out. Any ideas?

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1/23/2009 11:04:58 AM

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