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Andrew J. Tattersall

Stock Agencies

Has anyone had experience with stock agencies like "Photographers Direct"? How does it differ from others?

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1/16/2009 11:52:52 AM

Jo Ann Tomaselli
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/18/2007
  A great source for finding information about numerous stock agencies is in: PHOTOGRAPHER'S MARKET published by Writer's Digest Books. I just checked my 2009 edition; Photographers Direct is not listed. There are differences between stock and microstock agencies; each has different needs, specs, payment terms, image upload minimum/maximum and how to contact them.
If you go to the website for each agency, there should be a link for 'sellers'. Following this link will give you a lot of information about each company. Wishing you the best in your search! Jo Ann

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2/3/2009 1:28:09 PM

Kerry Drager
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  Hi Andrew,
Good advice from Jo Ann. Also, BetterPhoto instructor Jim Zuckerman is a top pro who teaches an excellent 4-week online course: Stock Photography.

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2/3/2009 3:10:23 PM

Vickie Burt
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/29/2004
  Hi Andrew,
One IMPORTANT thing to note is that Photographer's Direct is NOT a microstock agency. They will NOT accept work from photographers that sell their photos through microstock agencies.

This is a whole subject on its own, but I feel that Photographer's Direct are doing us a tremendous service by discouraging the use of microstock agencies. The selling of photos for 25c - $1.00 each is demeaning to say the least, and does not do the profession any good.

I have received 80% of the sale price for my photos sold through Photographer's Direct, and am very grateful to them for the service, and for hosting them without cost.

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2/17/2009 4:40:54 PM

Leslie J. Morris
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/30/2007
  I have had luck selling through Photographers Direct. It sure is frustrating to see photographers selling good images on microstock for pennies.

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2/18/2009 1:34:45 PM

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