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Tracy Jacobs

Endless Journey

I am just as confused as all of you. I was told by a friend of mine to enter my photo into a contact so I did and I was very exited about having one of my photo's published. I like alot of you did purchase this "book". I was told 4 weeks for delivery. It has not been that long yet, however it seems that I may never get it. It is a shame that people are allowed to run scams on the public. Are there any legit photo contest that you don;t have to pay an arm and a leg for to enter?

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1/8/2009 6:41:13 PM

W.  Smith VIII
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/5/2009
Most of those 'contests' are not much more than self generating money machines, Tracy. You, the paying contestants, pay for the privilege of being 'published' to all your competitor contestants (...), and sometimes, like in your case, in a classic 'bait & switch' scheme, even for a one-off substandard 'book'. If it ever comes.
And of course you pay for the 3,000% profit margin of the 'contest' organiser...

They're simply scams that successfully appeal to photographers' vanity and insecurity.

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1/8/2009 6:57:26 PM

Oliver Anderson
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/16/2004
  For $100 anyone can win Oliver's PHOTO contest...please send cash.

that bites

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1/8/2009 10:18:20 PM

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