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Cassandra  Ann Smith

Metz 58 flahs

Just wondering if anyone has experienced any melting happening with a Metz 58 dedicated flash? I noticed my falsh was getting a bit hot and then the plastic has bubbled. I do not use a diffuer or anything on the flash.

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11/12/2008 11:21:47 PM

Jon Close
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  Don't have the Metz, but that is a risk with any flash, especially if used with rechargeable batteries that allow it to cycle and fire faster than alkalines. Per the Metz 58 AF manual: "1 Safety Instructions ... When taking a series of flash shots at full light output and with the rapid recycling times possible with NiCad/NiMH battery operation, make sure to wait for at least 10 minutes after 15 flashes. Otherwise, the flash unit will be overloaded.
When taking a series of flash shots at full light output and with rapid recycling times, and with zoom positions of 35 mm and less, the diffuser heats up, due to the high level of thermal energy. To protect itself from overheating, the flash unit will automatically increase the recycling time."

You might have a warrant claim, since the Metz apparently has a thermal protection feature.

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11/13/2008 7:25:14 AM

Cassandra  Ann Smith   Thanks very much. I thought that might have been the problem, but just wanted to check with others.

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11/14/2008 2:25:54 PM

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