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Dong yeop Shin

Noritsu QSS 3001's processing PCB error

I am an owner of Noritsu QSS 3001 but while using this machine I encountered a printing error and it reads 'processing PCB error'. I had to stop my printing process for about 5 times during the operation with this error but I still have no clue what is causing this printing error. Please help me solve this problem very urgently!!

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10/1/2008 1:25:26 PM

Alan N. Marcus   “PCB” is Noritsu’s code for ‘printed circuit board’. The error message is telling you that one of the many PCB’s inside the printer is not operating properly. This could be just a fleeing stroke of bad luck that will self correct. Likely you should try shutting down the machine and then a start-up by restoring power (re-boot). Should the problem priciest likely your only remedy will be to place a call to Noritru and initiate a service call. The Noritsu printer is infinity complex and requires a trained technician. Generally repair of a PCB are beyond the skill level of field service personnel. Likely he/she will make direct substitutions based on symptoms etc.

Alan Marcus

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10/1/2008 3:59:01 PM

Dong yeop Shin   Hello hope it is not too late to inform you more about the error. The error still occurs but not as frequently as before. To be more specific, it reads '6820-16801 or 6820-16393 - Image processing PCB operation error' and unfortunately we are located in an area where the trained technician is very far away from us and I mean very far.. So we are just trying to solve this problem ourselves if that is possible. Thanks.

Peter Shin

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10/6/2008 12:26:20 PM

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