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Shelby Forn

Which Camera Canon 30D or Nikon D80

I am a complete amateur photographer and am purchasing my first SLR camera. I have know a photographer who want to sell me her Canon 30D for $500.00 and I have been looking at the Nikon D80. Since I know very little about cameras, I was hoping someone educated in this area could steer me in the right direction. Which one do you think is the better camera?

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9/18/2008 5:07:09 PM

Bernard    I will not comment on the 30D, I don't use one.
The D80 is a nice camera, it takes beautiful photos, fits comfortably in your hands because of the nice grip, once you learn the menus they are arranged nicely. I will not comment on the 30D, I don't use one.
It's an older model, the advance on the newer models that came out this year have advanced greatly in the area of low light sensitivity which allows faster shutter speeds when needed, sensors have also advanced in quality and performance, save a little more money, don't start off with outdated gear.

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9/25/2008 5:12:18 PM

Ken Smith
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  I have the 30D and it's a great camera...for $500, maybe take a chance. Bernard's correct...the 40D is the next version and already, Canon has announced the 15 Megapixel 50D. Granted, you're paying more than $1000. And don't forget the lenses. They cost bucks..and you can spend a lot if you want quality lenses. Then filters, like the Polarizer and UV filter. And extra batteries, etc. It's like an ocean cruise...the initial price gets you on the ship...but the optional excursions (add ons) can more than double the costs of your camera body.

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9/25/2008 5:59:46 PM

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