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Alice Logan

How to photograph Crystal Suncatchers

I am trying to get phots of the crystal suncatchers I make to uplod to ebay.
Have read about photographing jewerelly etc from here a other sites and have tried different camers settings, editing programs and other hints I have found but I am missing somethingNot to worried about the sparkle effect but I do want a reasonable colour match to the coloured crystals and for the clear crystals to be realistic.

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8/22/2008 2:44:15 AM

Hi Alice,

If adequate lighting and sparkle aren't your problems (are you using a light tent?), but a 'reasonable' colour match IS, then you may want to shoot RAW, so you can adjust exposure, colour temperature, and a host of other settings, in PP, after the fact.

Have fun!

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8/22/2008 3:56:35 AM

Oliver Anderson
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  I cant believe people will buy those 2 box that what they look like?

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8/22/2008 5:20:50 PM

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