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Patrick Patton

how to shoot heavy people?

Have been asked to shoot a couples engagement photos out doors,they are both very heavy,does anyone have any portait technique I could use ?

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8/12/2008 4:21:33 PM

Sarah G   It isn't much but I found these...

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8/12/2008 5:18:22 PM

Debby A. Tabb
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  good day Patrick
Patrick I don't know if this in studio or not but here are some ideas and you can even try this posing tech in the mirror for your self.
When posing any woman you can really do her a favor by slimming her down a bit and she'll love you for it
(keep in mind there is only so much you can do )
Try this with a fiend or in the mirror
it is better if you can photograph the two different ways:
sit on a stool the way you normally would,most of us just sit,casual kind of just slummped.Take that picture.
see the shoulders rounded forward,tummy extended? now look at the face and chin as well.
Now have you or your model sit up using only the edge of the stool,legs extended,at a 45degree angle from your camera,and to thin them out more,place the hand closet to you on the hip and the furthest on thier knee and have them lean toward you.Take this shot as a half body.
Compare the two.
*when you have a woman sit up and extend the legs you have forced her to straighten the back and this raises teh breasts and tightens the tummy.
*posing the arms in the manner you did ,gave you windows at the waist for a even more sliming effect instead of the arms at side making a viewers eye see on solid mass and a small head on top.
* having them lean toward you ,made them use muscles that tightened the again the tummy,sides,lift the breast but most of all,it has tightened those face muscels and lifted the to slighten the double chin apperance.
* the 45 degree angle is always how you pose every one (accept maybe small children ) stright on is your drivers licance! a solid mass,squared shoulders a blocky look.
if standing do the same,always give those windows if possible.
And as a couple shot, have her lay a hand on his chest,and her head towards his chest,his arms around her lean toward you a bit cut the shot at a arm pose (so at his arm and her elbow bend) making it a half body shot cutting out mass.
*make sure that if you need to raise him a bit that you use a posing blook or??? but that you do again that half a head difference will put the focus on the faces not the mass.

I hope this helps,

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8/13/2008 6:53:58 AM

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