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Lens for Landscapes

I'm wondering if one of you wonderfully talented photographers out there would give me a little help. I'm interested in a lens that will work well on landscapes. I want to be able to capture near and far both in focus. All I have are zooms and I just can't seem to achieve this. Maybe it has to do with my experience level as well. But I feel the right lens might help. Thanks for any and all help given.

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8/5/2008 11:34:25 AM

John P. Sandstedt
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  You didn't say what zooms you have but the real issue may be what kind of results you want in your landscapes.

Generally, a wide angle [28 mm focal length (film equivalent)] is all most of us need. Sure, there will be some who suggest wider, but the real issue becomes making certain that the image includes something that gives it perspective. That is, in an expansive shot, the "wideness" just might be overpowering.

In fact, I often use a telephoto when shooting landscapes. The narrow angle of view forces one to "zero in" on what is important.

As to capturing near and far, both in focus - you need to use the hyperfocal distance. With zooms, manufacturers have eliminated the distance scales that fixed focal length lenses have that allow the hyperfocal distance to be set easily. With your zoom, you'll need to focus on something about one-third of the way into the picture, not a specific subject -e.g. a tree.] This will increase the total depth of field.

Oh, I forgot, use a small aperture, say f/111 or f/16. And, do use that wide angle lens for the maximum DOF, front to back.

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8/6/2008 2:10:28 PM

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  Thanks for that info John

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8/6/2008 2:13:29 PM


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  Being a weather spotter, I have used every lens in my case. For landscape photography, I think the only lens I haven't used is my 500mm. My case consists of a 19-35mm zoom, a 28-80mm zoom, a 70-210mm zoom, a 50mm prime, a 135mm prime, a 100mm macro, and the 500mm. My digital has a 18-70mm zoom and a 75-300mm zoom. There is no one magic lens. each has it's pros and cons.

Have fun and keep shooting,
Mark H.

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8/8/2008 8:58:43 PM

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