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Airlie Hyland

Studio photography


I have just purchased and recieved an interfit COR755 background support system. I have also just purchased from photomart, a 2.72m wide and 11m long charcoal grey paper roll background.

Basically, I am not sure whether I remove the roll of paper from the cardboard tubing it is wrapped/rolled around, or whether I keep the paper roll attatched onto the cardboard, and then put it onto the top cross bar of the background support system..I dont want to break it!

Also, the other dilema, is that the paper roll I have purchased, is too long for the cross pole of the background support system. If I were to simply cut the roll along one side in order to make it fit, would this be acceptable for neatness reasons?

Please someone reply with a helpful response or solutions!I am an ammeture fashion/portrait photographer, and I need to know how to solve these problems soon as I have jobs/events I need to attend and use my equipment for!

Airlie Hyland.

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6/18/2008 8:20:48 AM

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