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Katy L. Frye

Would my name work?

Hi, I started out doing last minute weddings, senior portraits, my friends kids etc... When I was asked for a business card (didn't have any made at the time...big mistake) I had some made and made up a really cheesy name for my 'business'. I'm not that well known so I would really like to change the name but I'm have trouble coming up with one. My last name is boring (Frye) and Katy sounds like a little girl. My middle name is Lynn. Any suggestions? I would like to use my name but I can't think of a way to put it together. Usually when I hear of a photographer using their name, it's a little more interesting then mine. Thanks!

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5/1/2008 1:18:40 PM

Holly J. Jackson
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/27/2007
  How about:
Fryed Foto (or Photo or Fryed Fotography/Photography... you get the idea.)


Kate Frye Imagery (Kate could be your "pro" name...)

Good LUCK!! ; )

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5/1/2008 10:28:10 PM

Carlton Ward
BetterPhoto Member Since: 12/13/2005
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  Hi Katy,
What about KLF Photography ?
If you are thinking about getting a website through Better Photo or other, you may want to search and see is your pick for the name you want is available. If you have to come up with something different for a website, this may lead you to a different business name as well.

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5/2/2008 12:19:15 PM


BetterPhoto Member
  Hi Katy;

First of all, be proud of your name. Unless you have one of those parental grudge names (Seymore Butts, Ima Pigg, etc) your name is your name, and nothing to be embarrassed of. Now, there are many photography studios that don't use the persons name. Heritage studios comes to mind. When creating a name for your studio, be creative. An eye catching name is a business catching title.

Have fun and keep shooting,
Mark H.

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5/2/2008 1:28:06 PM

Stephanie Frey
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/31/2007
  I like your name :)

Stephanie Frey (pronounced Fry)

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5/2/2008 6:34:16 PM

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